Nuomi 是台灣少數擁有將空間的表現能力完美結合圖像插畫的插畫家。


對於創作者 Nuomi 來說,台灣這個小島本身就擁有很多觀光景點,不管是官方或在地商家,大家都很用心經營自己的在地地區。而 Nuomi 想藉由述說一個故事重新包裝地方的文化特色,讓歷史遺跡跳出沈悶的歷史,勾起大家的興趣去重新認識。

新的故事就猶如催化劑,讓以前的故事更容易被認識,Nuomi 用他充滿張力又帶有詩意的畫筆,希望台灣的美麗與內涵能被更多人認識。秉持這樣的創作理念,Nuomi 的代表作品「旅人島」就是藉由可愛的角色『貓老闆』和『阿福』來帶領讀者進入一個可以靜心品味的美麗台灣。


Nuomi is considered one of the few Taiwanese illustrators capable of seamlessly combining the expressiveness of space with illustration.

He uses realistic landscapes as the backdrop in his stories, allowing readers to see from his unique perspective. The changing horizon and tumbling topography create a cinematic effect, giving the story an unparalleled warmth and rich feeling.

As a creator, Nuomi sees Taiwan as an island that has many tourists spots and a country that is deeply valued by its government as well as people. Nuomi wishes to repackage local cultural characteristics by narrating a story; by lifting history from its innate mundaneness, he seeks to inspires people’s interest in it.

A new story is like a catalyst that facilitates understanding of the former one. Nuomi narrates the story of Taiwan with his powerful and poetic brush, in the hopes that more will come to know its meaning. Following this ideal, Nuomi’s most representative work, Traveler’s Island, brings readers to the beautiful island of Taiwan through characters such as Cat Boss and A-Fu.

This illustrated story will take you to a world of most sincere sentiments, allowing you to feel its unique local atmosphere and be immersed in its imaginative story.

  • 2012 台灣設計師週《瓦台北》參展
  • 2014 學學文創 空間透視講師
  • 2015 Dpi 插畫雜誌 專欄作者
  • 2015 TEDxNTUE 講者
  • 2016 出版北台灣插畫集《旅人島》
  • 2016 TEDxNTHU 講者
  • 2017 台北大空襲 Raid on Taihoku 桌遊繪師

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